The author of the interior finishing packages for our apartment buildings is Raili Paling.
New homeowners have the opportunity to choose between a total of four

high-quality interior finishing packages inspired by nature. The interior finishing package includes wooden parquet in the living rooms and painted walls (according to the customer’s wish of colour). The interior finishing package also includes shower room and WC wall and floor tiles with sanitary appliances.

The core idea of the interior design packages was based on the town of Viljandi's name, which is derived from the words vili (Eng. crop), and and (Eng. offering / harvest).  That is why we made associations with flax and rye. Considering different colour nuances, we thought of Estonian birds, and their beautiful plumage. Therefore, the interior design packages were named White Wagtail, Blackbird, Falcon, and Corn Crake.


The first 2 packages (Blackbird, Falcon) can be selected for the building which is to be renovated (Pikk 20), the accent materials have been chosen to better suit the historic building – clay paint / more traditional wallpaper patterns. Corn Crake and White Wagtail packages can be selected for the apartments in the new building (Pikk 20a). These are a bit more experimental when it comes to design, using, for example, floorboards with special profile, and ombre painting technique.

Interior design package / Falcon
The red-footed falcon, protected by national nature protection law in Estonia, can only be seen from April to September! Flying in the grey-blue sky with outstretched wings, selecting cosy, soft and warm brown tones when designing their nesting site. Expresses its creativity with braids and polished details from nature, and boldly and successfully uses the tastefully created home design ideas and possibilities of both modern and historical design.

The red-footed hawk is considered to be one of the most admirable hawks in appearance and is easily recognisable with its red-orange trousers and beak.  The package, inspired by the hawk's feathers, has a warm colour scheme, with a hint of Viljandi's historical red brick architecture. The accent colour is orange ochre, which can be chosen on the accent wall as clay paint or wallpaper; in the bathroom, it is presented in the form of wall paint and joint filler shade. The rest of the colour scheme is light and bright, which creates a calm background for the highlighted tone. The floor is made of oak parquet, stained with light grey. The key word in this package is warmth and cosiness, which includes reddish ceramic tones, simple shapes, and authentic materials.

Pistrik 2.png

Interior design package / Blackbird
While male blackbirds are recognised by their black feathers and yellow circles around the eyes, female birds are adorned with softer natural tones. The females, as the ones who take care of the household, have been the inspiration for this interior design package! Rustic beige, brown and grey intermediate tones add homely warmth. Patterned wallpaper or decorative plaster surfaces, free-falling fabrics in the form of curtains and bedspreads add a seductive touch...Natural wood and handmade pottery evoke admiration and honourability.

The male bird has solid black plumage and is known for its beautiful springtime song. The blackbird's eggs are bluish green with reddish-brown spots. The main tone in the Blackbird package is bluish green like the blackbird's eggs. Accent colour can be used in the form of clay paint or wallpaper, as well as a joint filler tone in the bathroom. The secondary colours are light grey, grey, and white. The floor material is patterned oak parquet.  This package has a bit of Scandinavian freshness, while balanced by natural wood and original lime plaster.


Interior design package / White Wagtail
White Wagtail is a common perching bird in Estonia, whom our ancestors have called by many wonderful names. For example: flax bird, flax swallow, flax fortune teller, flax fortune bringer, cradle woman, etc. In its own great way, its name, range, and nesting behaviour expresses a domestic and family-friendly approach. The black-grey-white colour scheme with a Scandinavian touch blends gently with light, almost transparent, blue tones. Rather less than more, rather consciously chosen tasteful contrasting nuances on clean, blending surfaces .... And still in harmony with nature, in one rhythm, as is common in the Nordic culture.


As the name suggests in Estonian (lina meaning flax), White Wagtail (Est. linavästrik) is related to flax. When the bird was seen flying high up in the sky, on the rooftop or sitting on a garden pole for the first time in spring, you could expect good flax growth, but if they were seen on the ground or flying low, then you could expect poor growth. In the old days, growing flax laid the foundation for the prosperity of the residents of former Mulgimaa, and so it has also contributed to the development of the town of Viljandi. The white wagtail itself is a black-and-white variegated bird and its eggs are white with dark spots.

The White Wagtail package has the biggest contrasts like the feathers of this bird. This selection includes dark-toned oak parquet, grey veneered doors, and darker grey ceramic tiles. Dark tones are balanced with pure white; the accent is a modern blend between blue-grey and light grey, or a corresponding wallpaper. In essence, the White Wagtail package is bold and dark-light contrast-based, while the blending elements contribute to a more picturesque look.


Interior design package / Corn Crake
Did you know that in 1995, corn crake was chosen as the first bird of the year in Estonia! The honorary title given to the bird is also characteristic to this interior design package. Modest ivory, beige and white tones, close-to-nature natural furniture design solutions. Simple and stylish, high-quality, and practical, rustic but at the same time modern.

The corn crake nests in meadows and crop fields, its plumage is brownish grey. The corn crake is primarily known for its peculiar "crex-crex" song.  The Corn Crake package has borrowed its range of colours from the bird's speckled plumage and its habitat – the crop field. In addition to light, beige, and grey tones, authentic wood, and special shades of ochre, either in the form of paint or wallpaper, have been added for uniqueness.  The essence of this package is naturalness; playfulness is not created with special tones, but materials, ceramic tile, wood, and lime plaster.

Rukkirääk 3.png