Viljandi - without a doubt the best and most beautiful city in Estonia!

What do we first introduce to our distant friends and acquaintances in Viljandi?

See our beautiful Old Town and the picturesque castle hills.

Now you will have the opportunity to make wonderful Viljandi into your hometown and

get a brand-new apartment! Viljandi’s most coveted new development –

Lossimäe Residences, has just been put for sale! The apartments are ideal for a home,

a guest apartment or a fruitful investment.

Viljandi has a lot of culture, many beautiful places and a pleasant work and living environment.

The city is undoubtedly also the best place for raising children, resting, pursuing a career or

for doing creative work. Great emphasis is put here on education, culture, families, children.

Viljandi - these wonderful views, wonderful old town, quaint cafés, theatre Ugala, Traditional Music Center, Kondas Centre and Culture Academy, beautiful churches, Old Water Tower, various museums, art and music, Town Hall, renewed town square…

Here it is pleasant and comfortable to walk, cycle or drive. You will get everywhere quickly.
Here it is green and tranquil (quiet), you are like in nature, but at the same time in the centre of the city – everything will get done!

Everyone can use the great sports opportunities the town has. You will know JK Viljandi Tulevik and the Grand Race Round Lake Viljandi. Popular sports also include football, handball, rowing, tennis, volleyball, basketball, skating and many other sports.

We also have various innovative and productive industries and companies (Aken ja Uks, Cleveron, Mivar Viva, Delux, Kolmeks, Pesuekspert, VMT factories, etc.)


The city also hosts popular festivals and events (Viljandi Folk, Hanseatic Days, Traditional Music Festival) – all this primarily to benefit the townspeople and to please the guests!

You are welcome in Viljandi – to live, work, rest or invest!

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